The slow dissolve of sugar. The creamer spiraling downwards in milky darkness. Blow over the edge of your cup and watch your breath steam out and up. Feel the heat condense on your spectacles, narrow your vision to pinpoints and then retreat slowly like the creeping backwards of your dreams in the morning. Warm your… Read More Percolate


The first gift she received was a box of chocolate. Twelve truffles nestled in rose paper and more heaven in a mouthful than Anna had ever known. Then came the flowers, bouquets and truckloads of them. Gardenias lined her apartment’s stairwell and primroses floated in her bathtub. Blue delphiniums reminded her of bruises blooming on… Read More Sugar


Mirrors had always held a peculiar fascination for Alice. There was a particularly large one in her bedroom which she prized. Six feet tall with gilded sides, she’d had her father buy it for her 21st birthday last year. He was wrapped so snugly around her finger that he hadn’t protested even when the clerk… Read More Fairest