Call Me

I’ve got to see you soon or I’ll go mad. I think I might miss you. Maybe. I’m not sure. It’s that I have an affliction, see. Like short-term memory loss but worse. It’s not names or places or rudimentary material like that. Nothing you can write down in a journal and list out. Those… Read More Call Me


I’m breaking up with you. For a moment, you can’t believe your luck. She’s saving you the trouble of it all and doing what you’ve been planning for weeks. But now to look contrite and remorseful. No need to publicize the fact that you’ve known the relationship was more dead than the sushi you had… Read More Fake


Keys. One brown, one silver, one gold. She saw them in her mind’s eye. Three metal pieces on a loop tossed carelessly up and down and up again. So much salvation to hold in one hand. They jangled as he walked down the hallway. Each ring bringing him a step closer to her. He was… Read More Keeper