Once upon a time, there was a boy and his name was Ouro. As a baby, he was perpetually putting things in his mouth. His mother’s pearls, his toys, the household slippers. Anything he could get ahold of, was treated to a dollop of saliva and a firsthand experience of mastication. The doctors said this… Read More Feed

John pt.3

I must’ve been what? Sixteen or seventeen? Something young. That golden age when kids – especially boys, you know – think they can do anything. Youth is arrogance and beauty’s bastard child. Anyway, all my friends were graduating high school with me. Most were headed off for college somewhere and the rest had a job… Read More John pt.3


Blood dripped from her lips before she licked them clean. Picking apart the bones, Isabelle slowly sucked the marrow dry before stacking them into a neat pile of brittle on the side of her plate. There were few things that tasted like what you expected them to.  Vegetables for instance, advertised a healthy snack but… Read More Sanguine